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DE +49 176 27926308

IT +39 3385620637

short bio

In recent years, my research in the field of composition is drawn towards the development of thematic sequences within the confines of a predetermined framework of parameters. I enjoy using the resulting material to push myself into new territories of improvisation driven by interplay. I was born in Prato on May 6th 1985 and I was lucky enough to grow up in a musical environment. My father is a record collector and thanks to him I had the possibility to listen to and get to know, a lot of different kinds of music from classical to experimental a young age. I taught myself how to play the guitar when I was 9 and subsequently started to study formally in various schools. I realized that in order to bring forward a musical idea, it is simply not enough to just be a very good guitar player. That is the reason why I decided to study harmony theory, composition and arranging. I graduated at the conservatory of Vicenza "Arrigo Pedrollo" in jazz guitar and I keep practicing and always looking for a deeper understanding of my craft through diverse master classes and seminars.

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